Before you commit to trying Indoor Growing then  consult the ONLY company with 40 years of  commercial growing behind themGrahame Dunling has 40 years commercial growing experience behind him and has grown crops Worldwide

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Grahame has extensive 40 years experience of commercial growing, this is large scale growing not classroom or academic growing, REAL life large scale growing. Grahame has grown Baby Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Capsicums, Chili Peppers and also dried tomatoes and Chili peppers in Bahrain with outside temp of 50c in 40,000 m2 or 430,556 sq ft of greenhouses. He grew all year round and make the Brand into a leading Brand in Bahrain. 

  • The Business Model

A New initiative towards the advancement of Horticulture in the United States of America Worldwide Local Salads uses a commercial system that has been redesigned to work for the smaller grower, Large grower and also indoor Vertical Growing. Using the latest in technology to provide locally fresh produce on a daily basis. The objective of the Local Salads U.S. project is to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector in the US, as well as aiding the country to achieve its goal to be self-sustainable in terms of local fresh produce. The project will help to provide food security by aiming to produce quality standard crops. The project aims to limit the food miles that fresh produce travels by providing local produce that is of high quality and is competitively priced when compared to other produce in the market. The crops locally produced will be of a better quality than crops which are potentially damaged during transportation, storage and handling. We aim to help people set up commercial companies that can grow commercial crops. We can set up a commercial hydroponic production facility on a plot of land either purpose built or to grow inside a redundant building using lighting technology that is used by commercial growers. We do not have to invent anything just use what commercial growers use that people do not know about. We at Local Salads strive to bring to our customers premium grade hydroponic produce that is of high nutritional value which maximizes its benefits towards healthy living.