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This is a concept of growing leafy salads in an enclosed controlled insulated environment, therefore saving the waste energy that is released into the atmosphere. By using the latest growing techniques including Lighting ( LED’s). The whole growing practice can be sustainable. Medicinal Marijuana is one crop but there are problems associated with this. Worldwide Local Salads was set up to grow food for the people and this is what we intend to do.  We can revolutionize the way food is grown indoors and even grow crops like Tomatoes , Capsicums ect after all do you want to live on Micro Greens?  We have Partners and can supply you with all your needs, we can even supply you with grower managers to teach you how to grow for the first 12 months if needed. Ours is a business that can be rolled out as a fully franchised business and supply fully branded Seeds, Inert matting, grow system, and marketing.  Our aim is to be the Mcdonalds , Starbucks, Costa of the Hydroponic Growing world. We have an indoor system that can also grow tomatoes ect so the company could supply all the main salad crops and not just Micro greens. 

We can offer full trace-ability by way of Global Gap ect


               Hydroponic Growing Systems Ltd 

                                               Reg No  07479762