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Our system can be fully automated or a manual system, more details coming soon. Our CVGS System is totally scalable from a small unit up to a large commercial system. We have designed a unique "End" system that controls the unloading of the trays, this works by removing a tray and this stops the next tray moving before needed, then when the tray is removed from the system the next one moves into place. This end unit can "Fit" all of CVGS as it is a simple bolt on design. A grower can buy our system and add to it every year either by height or by length. We can automate the whole process from seeding through to harvest, Or we can make it a manual system to take advantage of tax credits for employing labor.  We can also use a variation of this system for growing Fodder again we can take the strain out of every day production.  Growing in a vertical bench system as they do now is obsolete , grow the only scale-able system that can grow as you do and has the versatility to grow multiple crops 

1987 In Holland
Nursery in Hong Kong


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